Ánanda Suruci Master Unit is a spiritual Eco-village in Southern Taiwan. We hold regular Yoga & Meditation Retreats, Detox Retreats and host Permaculture Design Courses, student camps, seminars and spiritual retreats. Yoga is the science of physical, organic_farm_taiwanmental and spiritual development and it is a way of life at Ananda Suruci.

Ánanda Suruci was set up to create a peaceful environment where everyone can enjoy the practice of yoga and meditation. In addition to yoga and meditation, Ánanda Suruci is striving to become an example of ecological sustainability and local self-reliance. To that end, we are engaged in organic farming and ecological water management. Ánanda Suruci means “Blissfully Delightful”. It is an Ananda Marga Master Unit (spiritual and social center). So, take a look around our website and learn more about us. We hope that you will come and visit in person soon.